• Gulf Test Safety Consultancies is the first and the only Third Party Inspection body accredited by EIAC (Formerly known as DAC) for conducting Major inspection of Mobile Cranes & Overhead Cranes.This approval gives Gulf Test, authority to inspect and certify crane having service life of 25 years or more or the crane after major repair. |
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    Posted : 02-01-2021

    Become Familiar with Importance of Appliance Testing and Safety Courses

    There are many types of courses and services purposely designed to improve the level of safety. Consult the expert of Gulf Test Safety Consultancies and improve the level of safety in the workplace.


    Posted : 16-11-2020

    Consult Experts to Ensure Safety of your Employees

    As science and technology is making progress, new types of challenges and hurdles are coming before the human race. There is a presence of so many machines and even large vehicles at the job site.


    Posted : 05-10-2020

    Invest on Employee Training to Get Benefit in Long Run

    Human life is very precious. Prestigious commercial organizations understand this aspect. The management of such organizations provide cost effective training to the employees.


    Posted : 25-08-2020

    Learn the Importance of Portable Appliance Testing and Safety Training Courses

    Most of the major projects are done with the assistance of modern machines. You must have seen the site of construction projects. There is a presence of heavy lifting equipment...


    Posted : 15-07-2020

    Become Familiar with Importance of Training and Necessary Appliance Testing

    Health and safety comes first. These are two such aspects that cannot be neglected in any scenario. The countries of the Middle East are on the path of embracing modernism.


    Posted : 16-06-2020

    Keep Risks at Bay by Undertaking Authority Approved Training Courses

    Health and safety are two such aspects that must not be overlooked in any condition. Safety of people is always at risk in some special type of environment and typically when they are working near large machines.


    Posted : 12-05-2020

    Appoint Expert Consultants for Improving Productivity and Strengthening Safety

    In this age of technology, almost all the activities and tasks are carried out with the help of modern machines, tools and equipment. On a periodic interval, it is important to inspect the performance


    Posted : 14-04-2020

    Approach a Reliable QHSE Consulting Firm for Expert Advice

    The world has changed significantly in the twenty-first century. Now, most of the production and manufacturing related work is being done in large industrial complexes where safety and health are major concerns.