• Gulf Test Safety Consultancies is the first and the only Third Party Inspection body accredited by EIAC (Formerly known as DAC) for conducting Major inspection of Mobile Cranes & Overhead Cranes.This approval gives Gulf Test, authority to inspect and certify crane having service life of 25 years or more or the crane after major repair. |
  • GTS Electrical Inspections

    The following services are available: Portable Appliance Testing, Generators, Welding machines, Fixed Wiring Inspection & Testing (Periodic Inspections), Electrical Risk Assessments,

    Thermal Infrared Inspections,
    Earthing and lightening protection Systems,
    Load Analysis.

    Earth Leakage Units have probably save thousands of lives around the world, however if they are not regularly tested there is no way of knowing if they will function correctly when they are needed. Around the world best practice dictates that all earth leakage units should be tested periodically based on whether they provide protection for Wet or Dry areas. We offer the service of Testing to ensure safety and minimize costs.

    A large amount of problems show uncharacteristic thermal signatures, before actual breakdown. By detecting these areas with an infrared camera, you can prevent most unscheduled equipment shutdowns and identify potential electrical problems leading to higher utility bills and devastating electrical fires.