• Gulf Test Safety Consultancies is the first and the only Third Party Inspection body accredited by EIAC (Formerly known as DAC) for conducting Major inspection of Mobile Cranes & Overhead Cranes.This approval gives Gulf Test, authority to inspect and certify crane having service life of 25 years or more or the crane after major repair. |
  • Lifting Equipment

    Gulf Test Safety Consultancy Inspection Body is a specialist provider of third party independent inspection, testing and advisory services for Cranes, lifting equipment, lifting gears and Elevators.
    GTS Inspection Body is one of only a few companies implemented ISO/IEC 17020 - Type A Inspection body.

    By providing impartial advice on the client's Cranes and Lifting equipment, GTS Inspection helps to ensure that it is fit for use and meets the statutory requirements for safe working practice.

    Lifting Equipment
    • Mobile Cranes
    • Overhead / Jib Cranes
    • Window Cradles
    • Forklifts, Chain Blocks
    • Shovel, Excavators
    • Elevating Work Platforms
    • Man / Material Basket
    • Offshore / Barge Cranes
    • Containers, Vehicle Lifts
    • Elevators
    • Escalators

    Lifting Gears
    • Wire Rope, Chain Slings
    • Webbing Slings
    • Shackles
    • Hooks
    • Pad Eyes
    • Hanging Points
    • Winches
    • Chandeliers
    • Eye Bolts
    • Loading Platforms
    • Sunshade

    Safety Training
    -Slinging for Overhead Cranes / Mobile Cranes
    -Appointed Persons For Cranes,
    Crane Supervisors
    - Mobile, Overhead, Tower, Pedestal crane operator
    -Suspended Access Equipment operator
    -Mobile Elevating Work Platform operator
    -Telehandler, Forklifts, Lorry Loader operator
    -Rigging Safety