• Gulf Test Safety Consultancies is the first and the only Third Party Inspection body accredited by EIAC (Formerly known as DAC) for conducting Major inspection of Mobile Cranes & Overhead Cranes.This approval gives Gulf Test, authority to inspect and certify crane having service life of 25 years or more or the crane after major repair. |
  • Major Inspection of Cranes

    The major inspections of cranes to assess their suitability for continued safe operation. A major inspection of a crane is necessary to enable an assessment for continued safe operation. Such an assessment is a critical component in any strategy to control the risks (i.e. likelihood) of failure or malfunction of the crane.

    When it required?

    Sope of Inspection
    The major inspection is comprehensive and includes inspecting for wear, fatigue and cracking of all components of the crane critical to its safe operation and use. The inspection includes attention to structural and mechanical (etc.) anomalies, based on strip-down inspection and non-destructive examination.Inspection, that includes visual, functional and proof load test, in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendation and inspection standards’ requirement, to assess the suitability of the Equipment for continued safe operation.

    Major Inspection Process: