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How fixed wire testing and third party inspection promotes safety at the workplace?

Whether you are working around any machine, vehicle or electricity, it is necessary to pay extra attention to safety. It is the duty of the management to ensure that the workplace is safe for the employees. Even a small negligence can lead to serious or fatal accidents. At all workplaces, the management must ensure that all wiring and electrical connections are working in a fine manner. Periodic inspection and examination are also very necessary. If there is any fault in the wire or electrical connections, it could give birth to hazards. So, in order to fix the issues, the management must take help from professional experts. The staff, workforce and others who are present in the premises must be protected from all types of hazards.

The fixed wire testing is important as it helps to identify hazards

The electrical installation of the building must be inspected by qualified professionals. It must be determined whether the connections are safe as per current regulations. The distribution boards, switchboards, fuses, hardwiring, lighting circuits, fixed plant, sockets, etc, must be examined. Please note that the fixed wire testing does not include the portable equipment and appliances that are plugged to the main electricity connection. There are various types of hazards identified in the fixed wire testing. The hazards can be identified through visual inspections and tests. As soon as the threats are identified, it becomes easy to promote safety. It is easy to identify the following threats through wire testing:

★ Electric shock hazards

★ Loose connections

★ Frayed wiring

★ Overloaded circuits

★ Exposed live components and wire

★ The defective electrical connections

How soon should the fixed wire testing be carried out?

There are several factors on which the frequency of the testing depends. The size of the establishment, the type of activities that are carried out in the premises, the type of the electrical installation, frequency of usage, are some of the factors that must be considered. If it is a large manufacturing plant or facility, the fixed wire testing should be done on a periodic basis. If it is a small, commercial office, then frequent testing is not necessary. Industrial premises must be inspected on a periodic basis. Such premises that are exposed to water and moisture should also undergo regular inspection. There are many commercial organizations that ignore the latest health & safety guidelines. It is necessary to comply with all laws regarding safety, and failure to do so can bring you additional problems. The management must ensure that regular electrical testing is carried out periodically so the life of workers is not exposed to risk.

Third party inspection in UAE

The importance of third party inspection services cannot be neglected in the modern time. Through third party inspections, it can be ensured that all the industrial processes are being carried out in an optimal manner. In certain industries and sectors, there are certain processes that involve small risks. With the help of such services, it can be ensured that only safe equipment is being used in the industrial setting. Third party inspection services ensure complete safety at the workplace. The equipment that the worker is using should be safe. The machinery, lifting beam, cranes, lifting equipment, forklifts, etc, must be inspected on a periodic interval.