First Aid Training

First Aid Training in Dubai , Abu Dhabi, UAE

Gulf Test Safety Consultancies provides the best first aid training in UAE. With the help of proper training, it becomes possible to save lives in case of any medical emergency. Necessary information can be provided through interactive and practical sessions to individuals and professionals.

Everyone should be made aware about how to handle medical emergencies, regardless of their environment. With the help of basic knowledge and through first aid training in Dubai, you can save valuable lives and even reduce the long-term effect of any injury. Superior knowledge and higher understanding is required when you are present in a potentially dangerous environment. The courses of Gulf Test Safety Consultancies fully meet the UAE and the international health and safety standards.

The best first aid training in Abu Dhabi

It is generally seen that unintentional injury leads to serious results. If first aid treatment is timely provided to the patients, the risk of permanent damage can be decreased. Moreover, this course also helps the companies to comply with legal requirements. For some companies, it is mandatory for the staff to undergo first aid training in UAE. Properly trained people have the relevant skill and confidence to act fast in case of emergency. They easily identify people who are in distress and easily deal with emergency situations. Such companies and industrial settings that expose their workers in a high risk working environment are required to train their staff. Technicians who work in manufacturing industries, oil and gas sectors are exposed to high risks.

What do the trainees learn during the training?

  • Learning to differentiate between responsive and unresponsive patient
  • Giving CPR to infants, children and adults
  • Assisting an adult, child and an infant who is choking
  • Helping with bleeding control
  • Adjusting the patient in a recovery position
  • Learning about physical challenges
  • Wound management
  • Reasons to choose us:
  • Training undertaken by experienced and passionate instructors
  • The best interactive practical training
  • Use of role plays by instructors to explain different scenarios during the training
  • Accredited and approved by Dubai municipality, Dubai centre for ambulance
  • Feel free to contact Gulf Test Safety Consultancies if you want more details about first aid training UAE courses.