Hse Harness Inspection Dubai

Hse Harness Inspection Dubai

Workers working at height deserve superior protection in order to avoid severe injuries from falling. The safety harness is the best protective equipment that safeguards the user. In simple words, it is a fall arrest system that is fabricated with the help of braided wire cable, a synthetic webbing or a rope. The safety harness system is securely attached to a robust stationary object with the help of locking devices. By making suitable arrangements, it is possible to prevent a fatal G-force injury.

Pre-use inspection is necessary

The user must carry out a pre-use inspection at the beginning of each shift to detect any visible defects. The senior management must be informed about any such defects. A formal detailed inspection must be undertaken at least twice a year. Even if the safety harness system is used in an arduous environment, inspection becomes very necessary. Our HSE harness inspection Dubai service boosts the level of safety. Interim inspections should also be carried out to identify risks. The performance of equipment is affected in alkaline and acidic environments.

The following issues are cross-checked during the inspection process:
  • Inspecting the condition of the harness
  • Looking for stitches that have been burned, broken or pulled
  • Checking the condition of rivets at hardware attachment points
  • Comprehensive examination of belt ends, webbings, belt ends, D-rings and buckles
  • Identifying any defective equipment
  • You can count on us for statutory inspections HSE services. The harnesses must be inspected for deformation, corrosion, sharp edges, rough surfaces, rust, etc. Through statutory inspections, it must be ensured that the organisation's operating and working procedures are complying with local laws and other legal standards. All occupational hazards must be identified and steps must be taken to improve the conditions. Our technical team is made up of competent technicians. The HSE harness inspection Dubai work should be carried out on a regular interval to avoid disasters. The senior management must ensure that all safety parameters are properly met.

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