Third Party Inspection Services

Third Party Inspection in UAE

Third Party Inspection Of Lifting Equipment In UAE

Gulf Test Safety Consultancy provides service of third party inspection in UAE, testing and advisory services for all types of Cranes, Lifting equipment, Lifting gears, Elevators, Boilers, Air Receivers, Pressure vessels, Tanks, LPG Cylinders, Thermal Imaging, Earthing and Lightning Protection Services.

GTS Inspection is to provide a service that is unbiased and genuinely adds value to the client. By providing impartial advice on the client's equipment, GTS Inspection helps to ensure that it is fit for use and meets the statutory requirements for safe working practice. GTS is ISO 9001 & ISO 17020 Certified.

GTS Inspections is active in the oil and gas, insurance, marine and shipping, petrochemical, hotel, construction and General Industries both in the UAE and overseas.

GTS is accredited with the Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) and Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC).

You can rely on us for all types of inspection, testing and certification-related work. Our expert team thoroughly checks all types of machines, forklifts, lifting beams, cranes, lifts, escalators, anchorage points. All these services can be provided at the client’s premises. For third party inspection in UAE, look no further than GTS.

Get the best service of third party inspection of lifting equipment. Our technical team is known for providing high-standard services.

GTS helps with inspection, testing and certification of all types of cranes:
  • Mobile crane
  • Container handling crane
  • Floor crane
  • GTS provides inspection, testing and certification for lifting equipment:
  • Suspended cradles
  • Goods and passenger lifts
  • Elevators
  • Concrete bucket
  • Conducting the hydrostatic pressure test for various equipment:
  • Air receivers
  • Air compressors
  • Boilers
  • Material handling equipment
  • Contact our support team to learn more about the service of third party inspection of lifting equipment.


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